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Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a scientist with an extraordinary background. He holds a PhD in

developmental biology, taught anatomy at medical school for twelve years, and was a research

scientist at both Penn State and the Stanford University Medical Center. It was at his time at

Stanford University that he made a remarkable discovery.

Lipton was doing research on stem cells. In order to conduct his experiment he needed a

supply of identical stem cells. He put one stem cell in a medium in a petri dish. Every eleven to

twelve hours the cell would divide and make an exact replica of itself. From one cell, through

the phenomenon of duplication, within a week he had thousands of genetically identical stem

cells. Here’s where it gets really interesting.

He divided the cells into three groups and put them in different petri dishes with different

mediums. One group of cells grew into muscle cells, one group grew into fat cells, and the third

grew into bone cells. How was it possible for cells that have the exact same DNA to grow into

such different forms? What made it possible was the medium in which they grew; their


Stress hormones like cortisol shut

down the bodies immune system. We all need to remember that when we are stressed out from a job or frustrated in traffic. Take a couple of deep breaths. Focus on gratitude. Make a decision to turn off the stress and turn back on the healing. Our emotions are important as they help create the hormonal and chemical medium in which our cells grow and divide. An environment of stress, anger and frustration can create a toxic soup in our bodies. An environment of peace, love, forgiveness, and happiness can create the healthy medium our bodies need to flourish.

-Mike Woods

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