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I was having a conversation with a young man the other day. During the discourse he was expressing how frustrated he was that his life was controlled by other people telling him what to do. He said he was tired of having his bosses constantly having control over him. He stated, “I just want to be my own boss.” BYOB… be your own boss. I believe everyone has an innate desire to be free. They want to control their own life and decide for themselves which direction they should go and what things they should do.

Unfortunately, most people stink at being a boss.

Think about it. A good boss makes sure that the important tasks are accomplished everyday and also makes sure that distractions to performance are eliminated. I read the other day that the average adult in America watches 45 hours of television per week. That is more than a full-time job! The millennials may not necessarily be watching TV, but they are glued to their phones checking Facebook and Instagram or killing countless hours playing video games.

Want to be your own boss? You have to get good at managing yourself. You have to structure your life in such a way that you make sure the important tasks for your development are completed every day, while also making sure you eliminate the distractions that are hindering your growth.

Until people get good at being their own boss they will have to put up with others bossing them.

-Mike Woods

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