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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

When I was in my twenties, I had a favorite coffee cup. Emblazoned on the side in big bold

letters was my mantra; “Expect to Win”. In my youthful enthusiasm for success I looked at

every interaction in my day as an opportunity to win. I naively believed success and

breakthrough were completely subject to my indomitable strength of will. Unfortunately, life

didn’t always bend to my will. In fact, true success always involves other people, and other

people are not subject to my desires or goals. Fundamentally, people are going to do what they

want to do.

Due to my immaturity, when people did not conform to my expectations, I was disappointed.

In fact, the more I understood life and growth the more it became obvious to me. When

people didn’t live up to my expectations, I grew frustrated, or angry, or sad. What an unhealthy

and foolish reaction I had. Here’s the truth about life. People are not going to constantly live

up to our expectations, just like we are not going to live up to their expectations. If we believe

they will consistently live up to our expectations we are setting ourselves up to be

disappointed. People need room and space to grow just like we do.


One of the greatest pieces of wisdom Michi and I have ever received came from a dear woman named Georgia Lee. She told us “Have faith in people, but don’t put your faith in people. Put your faith in the Lord. He will never let you down and He will give you grace to help understand others.” That was great advice when she gave it to us over twenty years ago and it is great advice today. Don’t let false expectations set you up for future disappointments. Have a healthy belief and faith that life will eventually work itself out and you can succeed. But in the short term expect that there are going to be setbacks and mishaps and your ultimate breakthrough is directly related to you getting through those times of trial and not succumbing to the force of disappointment.

-Mike Woods

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