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No, we’re not saying that the measure of success is financial accomplishment.

Life provides endless opportunities to seek and achieve enrichment. Through challenges faced, relationships developed, opportunities pursued, companies created, and families built there is the endless ability to grow.

We’ve been married for thirty years and been together for longer than that.  Together we have built multiple successful companies. We have raised and home schooled seven amazing children.  We have traveled around the world and met incredible people. Life has taught us many lessons. Some are worth sharing.

Sometimes life can feel like it is in chaos.  Everywhere we look there is turmoil and uncertainty.  Often this crazy life can feel like we are living in the storm.  Here’s the secret. Even in the most devastating hurricane there is an eye.  Right in the middle of the madness there is a place of calm and peace. We’ve chosen to live in the eye of the storm.  A place where regardless of what is going on around you, if you look up you can see the light. A place where the winds are still, and you are safe.

Let’s look for that place.

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Mike and Michi Woods

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